Motor Trade Insurance To Suit Your Needs

Qualifying for motor trade insurance requires the help of an insurance broker. The best you can do is to look for a motor trade insurance specialist to aid your protection needs.

What is Motor Trade Insurance?

Motor trade insurance is designed to protect car-related businesses, either servicing or selling vehicles. It has a range of insurance types under a single policy to suit your specific needs. This will insure your entire business when faulty workmanship occurs. Expect specific wordings of what the policy is covering up.

Things To Consider In Getting Motor Trade Insurance Policy

Identifying the insurance policy that will meet your requirements could be crucial. Here is a rundown of factors you should consider to end up with the right motor trader policy:

Vehicle Types

A list of vehicles will be provided by the insurer, inclusive of all necessary details. Knowing your vehicle type can help in picking the right policy. You will understand how a certain policy covers your operation in the long-run.

Trade Price of the Vehicle

The trade price of the vehicle is additionally important in determining your claim payments. The cost of your insurance policy will depend on the vehicle’s value.


Perhaps you are running another business apart from the motor trade, it is necessary to state before purchasing motor trade insurance. This can affect many factors of the insurance policy in the future.


Private car insurance is different from motor trade in terms of the benefits it offers. Another example is the damage or loss of vehicles within the premises is not covered by the road risk insurance policy. That is why getting to know the policy’s coverage matters.

To mention a few motor trade insurance coverages includes:

  •         Machinery breakdown
  •         Theft
  •         Public and Product Liability
  •         Worker’s compensation
  •         General Property

Motor Trade Insurance Guarantees

Working with insurers will last for several years. It must support a deeper relationship between clients for better results. All you need to do is to pick the right insurer that will journey with you.

Many insurers are arising in today’s motor trade industry that guarantees clients the following:

Enhanced Protection

The car industry will be protected with no additional claims with motor trader policy. It aims to cover the drivers and vehicles, as well as the company, against possible losses. The policy also offers road risk assistance extending the liability cover due to negligence. It involved roadworthy reports in evaluating the vehicles from time to time.

Maximum Satisfaction

Insurers make certain to satisfy car dealers or any other vehicle-related industries through excellent services. They work closely with the clients to identify a policy made for their exact needs.

Flexible Cost

Insurance brokers will receive a different amount of fees because of the added commission. They should get a service fee plus the commission that varies from insurer to insurer. Some won’t pay brokers a commission which will result in a larger fee for the client.

Quick Quotation

A free quote shall be given for interested motor traders to estimate the budget. This factor highly encouraged potential clients within the industry.  All you need to do is to contact your preferred insurer to get started.

Why Should Individuals Hire Motor Trade Specialists?

Purchasing a motor trade policy on your own can be tricky. There are things best to be discussed with the experts. Below are the top reasons why working with an insurance broker will help your business.


An insurance policy can be complex without a piece of proper knowledge on how it works. Insurers have the ideas of different policies best for your business. They can provide reliable advice on the best policies that match your specific needs.

Discount rates

More choices of insurance providers can benefit clients in terms of the overall cost. Equipped brokers will offer better prices compared to hiring insurers directly. Matrix Insurance Group has access to over 120 insurers across the world. Discount rates are possible each year that may increase in the next few years. That is why insurance brokers are best to work with as they can provide more best possible deals.


Getting insurance will require many paper works that could be a hassle to handle. A broker will aid your entire insurance process by finishing the needed documents while you run your business in real-time.

Reliable brokers have access to many insurance companies online to quickly process your documents.


Your private document’s safety is also guaranteed with the help of trustworthy insurers. They sustain confidentiality over your files even with off-site servers. The whole process will be smooth sailing as you can focus on your business transactions.

Best-Recommended Motor Trade Insurance Broker in Perth

Any kind of business would be better with the presence of insurance. With motor traders, there are specifically-designed insurance policies that will help the business. They are categorized depending on your needs aiming to cover up your overall operation against possible dangers. Hiring motor trade insurance specialists can provide solutions for motor traders to feel safe in the industry. They will know what specific policies are good for your business and give additional advice to go over.

Contact Matrix Insurance Group in getting to know some motor trade insurance packages that are right for you. Clients can obtain a free quote for every request being made. Surely, over a hundred insurers will cater to your needs right away. 


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