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 Low cost, high impact: Home hacks on a budget


As we all know, many people have been consigned to their homes for much longer periods of time over the past few months. According to some studies, this has meant that many of these people have taken the plunge to invest more in their homes. After all, if they’re spending more time in there, it stands to reason that they want to feel better within it.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have the resources to pledge tens of thousands of dollars into our properties. Instead, we’ve left to scratch the surface, and try and find those low-cost, but high-impact gems which can still make a considerable difference to your home.

This is what today’s post is going to home in on. Let’s now take a look at several methods that can help you do this.

The changes don’t have to be ‘permanent’

First and foremost, you don’t necessarily need to make changes to your home’s fittings. You don’t have to tear down walls, and you don’t have to give rooms a lick of paint (although, this is a fantastic budget-friendly idea to get started with).

For example, you can turn to something as simple as flowers. Granted, they have a lifespan of several weeks, but the impact can be immense. Particularly if you opt for color, you can inject immediate vibrance into your room with the tiniest budget.

Of course, it doesn’t just have to be flowers. The same rules apply with ornaments, cushions, rugs or anything else which for the purposes of today can be dubbed ‘temporary’.

Tackle the largest space

By this next point, we’re not referring to the biggest bedroom or the main living space. We’re actually looking a lot more general – the floor.

Granted, a new carpet is probably going to break your budget, but for those of you who have wooden floors, the effects here can be terrific. Over time, these floors need maintenance and painting anyway, but you can also take matters into your own hands by completely refreshing the color.

The floor might not be something you ‘notice’ every day, but this is something that can transform a room in an instant. In addition, you don’t necessarily need to get the experts in.

The ‘new look’ bathroom

Again, you can turn to paint to transform a room, but this next point looks a bit more at the finer details. Tiles in bathrooms are generally there for practical reasons, but over time the grout starts to age. In fact, it can blight an entire room.

A word of warning with this task is that it isn’t pleasant and will take hours upon hours to complete. However, a freshly grouted bathroom feels like a new room. Gone are the days of the off-white, yellow crisscross between tiles – the effect of new grout is transformative.

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