Digital Open Enrollment Strategies For Your Organization

The recent COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in addition to various local lockdown restrictions have proven to be difficult for the business world to handle. As more and more employees have shifted to full-time remote work, HR professionals are continuing to struggle with managing these employees’ benefits.  

A prime example of this comes from the overarching anxiety that employees have felt since the start of the pandemic. As a result of all of this worry, employees aren’t focusing on their health benefits. Businesses are responsible for making sure their employees are in the loop regarding their benefits despite this, but the challenge now is that they’ve got to do so digitally. 

Going remote has made it clear that some businesses may require a new approach to ensure their employees are receiving all the benefits details they need to continue making the best decisions for the health of themselves and their families. One way to effectively ensure this is through a partnership with a business process outsourcing provider. These professionals offer solutions that can improve employee engagement throughout open enrollment periods.


A Sophisticated Approach

Adjusting to the ‘new normal’ that has swept businesses nationwide as a result of COVID-19 means more and more HR professionals need to improve their tactics. The times of brochures and one-on-one meetings in-office are long gone. Making a genuine connection with employees remotely can be a tough ask, which is why open enrollment processes should leverage technology and live guidance from the experts to get the best results. 

Similarly to the brochures, businesses should first prioritize sending out digital documents via email filled with the information regarding these enrollment periods. Once distributed, a virtual event where employees will be informed of following steps should be held. 

These virtual events, in connection with microsites, are great tools to reinforce the information found in the digital materials distributed and encourage employees to complete the enrollment in real time. As employees work to complete their enrollment, live experts will be available to discuss any details necessary via vide conference or live-chat. This expert guidance makes all the difference. 

Choosing the correct guidance is imperative. As Conduent has served as a leader in BPO services for some time, they’re an excellent choice. Their expertise could prove to be the difference maker in improving your organization’s open enrollment engagement. For more information on the services they offer, be sure to check out the infographic accompanying this post. 

About the author

Kevin Gordon is an experienced venture capitalist and a former private investor. His experience in helping and funding startups is what gives him the necessary knowledge and motivation to provide helpful tips and hints to new business owners.