Business Ideas for Students Under $1000

Business Ideas for Students Under $1000

If you are in college and you want to start your own business we have great business ideas for students that you can choose from. 

When you think about your college days, you usually think about fun times. Not only are you preoccupied with classes and exams, but you are also having the time of your life.

I mean, who doesn’t attend a few parties and sports events while attending college? Still, with all of that going on, many college students realize during their college years that they have an entrepreneurial spirit.

After all, why would you make money for somebody else when you can make money for yourself. In the event that you are ready to make your fists solo business steps, here are some business ideas for students.


Benefits of working while still in school

Certainly, there are many different benefits of working before stepping up and receiving your college diploma.

Not only will you learn valuable lessons, but you will also start to develop and understand what does it mean to have an impressive work ethic.

Also, let’s not forget the extra cash. Everybody’s financial situation is different. Some people are more financially independent during college studies than others.

Regardless, all of us can use some extra green in our pockets. Furthermore, those that have student loans can put their earnings to good use.

What can be better than paying off your college loans in advance?


Low-cost business ideas for students

Since the majority of college students aren’t very liquid, we focused on business ideas for students that can come to life with $1000 in your bank account or even less.

With a little effort and focus, everybody can manage to save up that amount of money. Also, do not worry, there are many tips and tricks on how to cut down expenses for new business owners.

So, if you have the money and the hustling mentality it is time to choose your new career. Who knows, maybe a big business can grow out of it.


1. Put your fitness obsession to good use

Business Ideas for Students Under $1000

If you are a gym rat, becoming a personal trainer can be a great option for you. First, you can purchase some used equipment and start giving fitness classes at your place.

Second, you can give other students fitness classes in the school’s gym. How great is that? No rent fees.

Third, you can teach group fitness classes that can be held outside. For example, you can do yoga or Pilates classes in the local park. With a little creativity, you can organize a very successful fitness business.

Outside fitness classes are gaining popularity. Also, you can save a lot of money by not having to pay rent.



2. Own your personal coffee cart

For those that wish to own their own café or coffee shop, owning their coffee cart is a great starting point.

This is a great alternative that requires a much smaller investment. Instantly you will need a coffee machine, coffee, cups, coffee cart, and some additional smaller details.

Such as coffee add-ins like sugar, creams, etc. Do not forget that the location of your coffee cart is crucial for business.

You want to try and station it near a college campus, at a business centre and anywhere else where there is a large fluctuation of people. Don’t forget to brush up on other life-changing business tips for beginners.


3. Be the new Donna Karen

models walking on a runaway

If you haven’t missed fashion week and the Met Gala in the past decade, put your passion for fashion to good use.

Becoming a clothing designer is a great business idea for students that are creative and that are in love with fashion.

Naturally, to start this business you will need some sowing equipment and desired materials. Nevertheless, more importantly, you must possess the talent and the vision, so your ideas can come to life.

Otherwise, keep it moving. If you do not have the capital to start off your fashion empire, get familiar with money-saving tips for women.

At the same time, gentlemen shouldn’t be discouraged to join this business. Maybe you can be the new Michael Kors or Karl Lagerfeld.

Real fashionistas never miss Fashion week.


4. Create and make unique jewellery

For those that fancy more accessories than clothing, jewellery making can be great business venture.

Similarly, to designing clothing pieces, creating jewellery demands creativity and an eye for design. To get the ball rolling you will need beads and other similar supplies.

Once you managed to prepare at least a little collection you can start your sales process. Selling online is a great idea.

Also, you can get a stand at a local flea market and present your unique pieces to interested shoppers.


5. If you write it is time to share your gift

Business Ideas for Students Under $1000

Many writers are shy about sharing their work. Especially, If the writer speaks about deeply personal life experiences in their writing pieces.

Young writers tend to be more insecure and indecisive when it is time to share their work. As much as stepping into the spotlight can be painful, it can also be extremely rewarding.

It costs little to nothing to self-publish your stories online. Plus, there are many different ways to do it. If you have a gift, and that gift is writing, it might be time to share it with the world.

If you love to write, think about making it your career. Remember, there are not many people that have the opportunity to do what they love.


6. Get into auto detailing

Nobody dreams about detailing cars while growing up. Surely, this is not your dream job. However, if it gives you the opportunity to make a little capital, why not give it a chance.

The great thing is that you can travel to your clients’ residence and clean their car at their home or you can accommodate them by cleaning their vehicle at your place.

Having a work-friendly home is very important. Therefore, if your home isn’t it is time to call your real estate agent and contact your favourite professional movers at

As can be seen, we have some great business ideas for students. But, if these businesses aren’t your cup of tea, do not worry.

There are many more great business ideas for students that do not require large capital to get started.

Ultimately, keep in mind that running a business demands discipline, dedication, and passion. So, if you aren’t ready to commit fully to your business, do not even bother starting it.

Remember, if success was easy, everybody would have it.

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