10 Apps that Make QuickBooks Work Better for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you are ceaselessly seeking ways to streamline the many tasks you do every day. In light of accounting, QuickBooks is the most widely used software among small businesses worldwide.

Though QuickBooks is the hotshot application for accounting among small businesses and their accountants, it lags in a few functionalities. These gaps in QuickBooks are meted out with third party add-on applications. QuickBooks runs a gamut of applications to help you automate time-consuming and labour-intensive accounting chores. Fortunately, you have hundreds of applications in the QuickBooks app store. You have got an application for every feature you are seeking!

In no specific order, this read breaks down 10 apps that you can integrate with QuickBooks for an improved QuickBooks experience and full-fledged accounting.

Data Import – SaasAnt Transactions

Manual keying is the most time-consuming part of bookkeeping. Also, manual keying has high chances of errors. There is an application that can impeccably import all your Excel transactions to QuickBooks with just a click of a button.

SaasAnt Transactions is an effective application to bulk import the transaction details from Excel to QuickBooks, thus wiping off manual entry in your bookkeeping. Not just with imports, you can do bulk exports and mass deletes using SaasAnt Transactions. 

It is available in both desktop and online versions, each bearing specific functionalities. SaasAnt Transactions has an intuitive dashboard, where you get insights on your imports, reports as graphic charts and entire import history. 

They offer a 30-day free trial, with which you can see if it goes fit for your business.

Time Tracking – QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time is the most highly rated app in the QuickBooks marketplace. It was formerly circulating under the name T-Sheets. QuickBooks Time is a cloud-based time tracking and employee scheduling application. It can perform employee scheduling, GPS tracking, overtime monitoring and generate customizable alerts and real-time reports. It is an effective tool to keep tabs on timesheets and payroll processing.

Expense Management – Expensify

Expensify is an application to capture receipts, track spending and record expenses. It makes the process of creating and submitting expense reports by the employees. It houses a patented technology to read scanned receipts and automatically record the amount, data and expense in the assigned categories. These reports go straight to the administrator’s inbox for review and approval of reimbursement. It has additional gears like GPS-powered mileage tracking, credit card sync, smart scan and policy-based automated approval.

Payment Automation – PayTraQer

QuickBooks can do the accounting process proficiently. But it cannot fetch your transaction data from your payment system on its own. And this dis-connection is costing you more time, money and labour to manually key each transaction to QuickBooks. That’s when PayTraQer flashes in.

PayTraQer is the #1 user rated automation tool that can automatically sync your transaction details from the payment system to your QuickBooks account in a snap. Not just with real-time transactions, PayTraQer can pull your historic transactions as far back as required and sync them to your QuickBooks account in a jiffy. 

You can also undo your sync with just a click of a button, leaving no trace in QuickBooks.  You shall try exploring PayTraQer with their 30-day free trial and take the plunge once you are comfortable with it.

Cash Flow Forecasting – Float

Float automatically imports your QuickBooks Online data every 24 hours and gives you accurate cash flow forecasting baselines. It assimilates data and shows you precisely how much cash has moved in and out of your business. You can track your budget and real-time performance of your finances to derive reports on the financial health of your business. 

Float incorporates visual technologies, like visual cash graph, to give you a clear picture of the financial movements of your business. Float will prevent you from running into the red, by forecasting the scenarios with its intuitive financial analysis. 

Customizable CRM – Method:CRM

Method:CRM is a customer relationship management software, specifically designed to manage all of your businesses’ communication and relationships with customers and potential customers. This paves way for a streamlined workflow of your sales process, customize your invoices, quotes and sales orders.  

Moreover, Method:CRM stores the customers’ contact information and transaction details, so that you can work more easily with your customers. You will have complete details of your customers from the demographic details to their communication habits which will facilitate you with the knowledge to tailor your sales and marketing efforts to the preferences of your customers. 

Business Financing – FundBox

FundBox is like a credit card for your QuickBooks company. Once you connect FundBox to QuickBooks account, it will review the information in your QuickBooks account and arrive at a credit decision. You can apply for credits there and draw funds anytime if your credit is approved. You can use this credit to pay unpaid invoices in your QuickBooks account. But this credit is valid only to your QuickBooks company, you cannot spend it elsewhere. 

Business Analytics – Fathom

Fathom is an analytics app that can generate reports on the status of your business with its set of tools and metrics. Right from the cash flow of your business to the profit analysis, Fathom will bring to light where your business has been, where it is now and where it should head to. 

You will get reports on the financial and non-financial aspects of your business operations that steers your bottom line. Fathom integrates with your QuickBooks company and pulls up analytic reports with infographics and other visual scales. This helps you to make better business decisions. 

BI & Financial Reporting – Qvinci

QVinci is one of the popular applications that generate financial reports with business intelligence. This application is similar to Fathom, yet has its own functionalities. QVinci goes through the transactions and relative details from your QuickBooks account and generates actionable reports that lead to increased operational efficiencies, deeper financial insights and greater profits. QVinci can perform customizable consolidations, financial reporting and benchmarking, thereby monitoring financial performance of your business.

Inventory Management – SOS Inventory

If your business relates to manufacturing or involves inventory management, SOS Inventory has got you covered with everything you need with inventory for accounting. For a business to flourish, you have got to have a panoramic picture of all its departments and their operations. SOS Inventory can help you get that business analytic image. It is exclusively built to perform inventory management professionally, generate reports and foretell future trends. 

Wrap Up

Whether you are looking out for applications that can lift the manual entry burden off your shoulders or applications that can foretell your business’ financial trends or applications that can have a handle on your inventory, you have one for everything in the QuickBooks app store. Try supplementing your QuickBooks with these add-ons to automate your business and accounting process. 


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